How to reduce printing expense by 50 Percent?

One of the many ways to reduce printing expense is to manage printing behavior. Printing management software offers a simple way to do this without getting your hand dirty, with very little human intervention.

There are many reasons and advantages to manage, control, and audit company-wide printers, even for small business and non-profit organizations trying to reduce office expense.

  • By carefully monitoring and analyzing user’s behaviors on every-day printing, you have a better understanding of how your company printers are being used, by who, when, and what is being printed. This information can be used to assist you in decision making, whether to buy new printers or reallocating existing printers for more efficient usage.
  • You can implement print policy rules such as routing large-print  jobs to the most cost effective printers to reduce an expensive expense on printer supplies. It is true that printing cost on large enterprise printers are more cost-effective than small personal printers.
  • You have full control of setting quota to control or restrict employees from printing personal documents. For example, you can set different quotas to different user, group, or printer, or restrict certain individual user, printer, or department.
  • Irresponsible printing puts a strain on your company’s office and IT expense.
  • Users will be more careful and waste fewer company resources when they know that they are being monitored. Maybe they will use Print Preview before printing, Print to PDF, Print to Email, Print to a File, be willing to print on both sides of the same sheet, print only the selection they need, or even print multiple selections on a single sheet.

Print management software such as Print Manager Plug or CZ Solution’s Print Job Tracker allows you to set limits by specifying what your employees can and can’t print. If you are concerned that a particular printer is being used for personal purposes, you can simply monitor the print jobs to find out, then do something about it.

Print Management software saves you time and money in many ways you may have never considered before. Setting quota and monitoring employee printing behaviors can definitely save you money on printer supplies because less paper and toners will be used. It helps your company reduce not just office expense, but also IT resource as well with the following features:

Centralized Management and Monitoring: Acquire information related to printing, including name of the user or computer that sent the print job; Destination of the printer name; Printed document name, File size, Paper size, File Type; Print requests time and date; Page set up; Color; Print job size; Number of printed pages, Duplex, and even number of paper consumed. This useful information can be used for decision making when the time arise to add new printers.

Send alerts with printer status: Printing errors, low in printer toner, printer out of paper, print error, print job remained  in the queue for longer than the pre-defined allowable wait time. Act and stock up before the toners are running out can reduce office down time.

Set print quotas and restriction. You can set limits by specifying what your employees can and can’t print. If you are concerned that printers are being used for personal purposes, you can simply monitor the print jobs to find out.

Pause or cancel printing when the print job exceeded the maximum allowable quota. Quota can be reset by day, weeks, or month. Restrictions can be set based on user, computer, printer, printer groups, document title, color, job size, day/time on the print jobs.

You can set multiple restrictions on a user, user group; deny certain users form printing to color printer; deny printing based on certain time of day, deny printing is printing is not set to duplex; check the remaining balance; sent balance pop up message to a user the remaining balance is low. Employee will be more sensible and waste fewer company resources.

A perfect Tool for troubleshooting too: Since you now have the ability to track each page that is printed from every computer on your network, it means your IT staff now have the ability to troubleshoot printing related problems in a more timely matter, because the problem will be pinpointed back to a specific computer or printer.

Print management software also provides a perfect report for auditing or reallocation purpose. You can simply use one of the many pre-made report and graphs to make it easy to monitor printer usages. This is perfect for budgeting.