Printer Supplies management


Toner cartridges for printer, MFP, copier, and fax machine can be a huge recurring expense for business of all sizes, especially large corporation.

Expenses on office equipment such as printers and copiers are fixed. This is not the case for supplies. This simple printer supplies buyer guide is written to save you and your company a lot of hassle and money.

  • Get the right toner for the device:  the simplest and safest way to find the right toner is to refer to the manufacturer’s part number of the toner. If you don’t want to bother to look around for the right part number, then checking the printer brand/model number on our website will refer you to the right toner cartridge.
  • Standard yield vs high yield toner: Some toner cartridges are available in standard yield and high-yield (high capacity) options. If the printer accepts high yield toner, always go with high yield toner. High capacity toner will save you an average of 30%. It does not just cost less per page, but also save you a lot of hassle, time, and labour cost by cutting down the frequency of replacing toners.
  • Single pack vs multipack toner: Some toners are available in dual-pack and even tri-pack at a lower pricing. Why buy two single packs if you have a choice to buy a dual-pack toner at a reduced pricing?
  • Dealing with color printer: Color laser printers use four different toner cartridges or more for each color. They don’t usually run out all at the same time, but it is a good idea to order other colors too. By the time one cartridge runs out, the other colors will soon run out too.
  • Plan ahead: Toner cartridges have quite a long shelf life in normal room condition. Keeping at least an extra toner on hand will help you be sure that when the current cartridge run out, you won’t run into any problem while waiting for the new one.
  • Be carefully about refill toner: Refilled cartridges can result in quite a mess in your printer or copier if not done correctly. Refill kits are recommended only by experience technicians who are trained to use refill kits properly. Refill is not just a ‘fill and forget’ process.
  • Plan ahead when looking for new printers: Smaller low-cost printers can only accept standard yield toner, usually 2,000 to 3,000 pages yield per toner cartridge. Larger workgroup printers which accept high yield toner, range from 6,000 to 35,000 per toner cartridge, offer better cost per page. To reduce printer supplies and maintenance cost, it is better to purchase a large workgroup printer instead of five to ten small personal printers..
  • Third party toner may void printer warranty: Check with printer manufacturer upfront before using third party toner, include remanufactured, recycled, generic, compatible toner. Some printer makers state that using aftermarket consumables can void the warranty of their printers.
  • Implementing printer control and management softwarre: By carefully monitoring and analyzing users behaviors on every-day printing, you have a better understanding of  how your company
    printers are being used, by who, when, and what is being printed.