Here are just a few ways you can implement to reduce printer supplies expense:

Go with high yield toner or ink cartridge if your printer can accept it. Most printer vendors offer standard yield and high yield toner or ink for you to choose from. High yield toner offers not just great saving, but also less trips to replace toner. Just keep in mind that not all printer models can accept high yield toner or ink cartridge.

Go with dual-pack, tri-pack, or multi-pack if they are available. Some vendors, such as Canon, HP offer dual pack, tri-pack, and even multi combo pack at great discount pricing. Unfortunately, dual-pack, tri-pack, and multi-packs are available for limited selective printer/MFP models.

Replaced several low-cost desktop printers with one of two enterprise level printers. High yield, and especially extra high yield toner produces lower cost per page, and the maintenance kit last longer than those ship with low cost desktop printer. High yield toner, and long life maintenance kit are available only for larger enterprise level printer/MFP.

Buy printer with duplex printing capability. The ability to printer on both sides automatically saves 50% 50% of the paper used for any print job.

If you can find the right toner you need at our web site, it will show relate printer supplies on the same page, such as high yield toner, dual pack toner, tri-pack toner, multi-pack toner.